waste-bin containing the highs and lows of various artwork and sketch-crap born from my well-developed inferiority-complex.

i go by far too many soubriquets.

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something like a page from a read-along book.

another monochrome astrid because.

Anonymous asked: If you're still taking requests, Mello from Death Note in #10? c:

Anonymous asked: Can you draw Rose Weasley in 24? Or Scorpius Malfoy&Rose Weasley in 8! Pleaase


katiedailybug asked: Ariel from the little mermaid!! In 11 :)!

i have recently discovered the EE grade pencil. :o

Anonymous asked: Law in 85 ( Trafalgar Law One Piece )


Anonymous asked: N (Pokemon) with colour palette #1


Anonymous asked: you're the prettiest person on the planet 💕

oh my god ♥ thank you ♥

hey guys

uhm, so i’m still open for commissions. 
I’ve been working for a month now, earning money for my first-ever trip to Japan this coming October(i’m hella excited!) ,whatever it is i’m getting would be just enough for the flights to+fro, accommodations a bit of spending. Annnnd i’d very much like to earn some extra money for my cosplay outfit. 

I’ve been needing to prioritize a lot of stuff lately. And I’ve decided that I simply can’t take any more requests for now, since I’ve still got a lot more to fulfill and I’ll still do them whenever I can. But I’ll be limiting my commission slots to 5 for now and take precedence over everything else.

if anyone’s interested, please check my commission info page. any questions and blah, feel free to send a message via tumblr/email.

or you can just tell me i’m the prettiest person on earth. Not gonna help me financially but I’ll appreciate the ego boost. ⊙ヮ⊙

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