waste-bin containing the highs and lows of various artwork and sketch-crap born from my well-developed inferiority-complex.

i go by far too many soubriquets.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I want to thank you for doing my request, sorry for troubling you. Your drawings are really awesome! I wonder how many requests you received each day? Don't have to answer if you don't want to.

you’re welcome! :)
I don’t receive requests on a daily basis, really. But I can say that they appear 2-4 at a time. IDK it’s like everyone’s in sync.

But there’s a crapton of them waiting to be fulfilled. It just sort of like, piled up. Some of them are weeks old! (Sorry guys! I will finish them whenever I can, I promise ya’ll that.)

toparisfromtokyo replied to your post“toparisfromtokyo replied to your post“same mom, different dads”…”
We have to know! Can’t wait! BTW maybe…do you ship Boleska? :D
Yes. I very much do. ((ლ(இ e இ`。ლ)))
toparisfromtokyo replied to your post“same mom, different dads” daaaaaaamn toph. DAMNNNNN.”
One of them is SOKKA HE HAS TO BE

pretty sure this happened again.

Anonymous asked: I just found your blog and you said you're really bad for one of the pallet commissions and I need you to quit lying please and thank you. You're art is boss as fuck (excuse my language)

(づ°□°)づ okay.

luciand29 asked: Hi! Of course if you want... Elsa and 5!


went overboard with this one.

"same mom, different dads"
daaaaaaamn toph. DAMNNNNN.

im-alice-im-dead-wanna-hook-up asked: ^°^ ive just found ur blog n ur drawings are awesome

imageaaaaahhh- thanks! I’m glad you like them. Please enjoy your stay! 

I’ve almost forgotten how ugly my handwriting is.

requiem-for-a-daaaym asked: Pikachu with #16!!


i’m really bad at this.

there’s this a-frame easel that’s selling for a 100bucks and i wanna get it so bad but there’s no space in my room for it.

Bloody Knife